The Power of Witnessing Someone Else’s Worship

When my husband Ben recently surrendered his writing ambitions and dreams because he knew they were not honoring the Lord God, it wasn’t necessarily my sacrifice. It wasn’t as if I were Sarah and Abraham had taken our Isaac to the top of the Mountain to sacrifice him.

I soon discovered however, that standing close enough to watch his costly worship did affect me. It did shake me. His devotion demonstrated that hallowed moment when someone actually takes up their cross, denies themselves and follows Jesus (Matthew 16:24).

Suddenly it wasn’t just theology. Suddenly Christ shone with all the glorious WORTH of His true being because Ben told the truth about Jesus by laying down one of his most precious treasures and saying, “This is rubbish compared to You and worthless without You” (Philippians 3:8).

True worship cuts through all the clanging, glitzy, cheap counterfeits of earth. It exposes the trinkets and carnival junk we hold on to with such abiding greed. And it reminds us, sharply, of the glory of God, of His absolute pricelessness. The reminder has stopped me in my tracks. “Oh Lord, I see You. Look at You! How beautiful! How could I forget? And look at all this junk I thought was lovelier than You.”


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About Rhiannon Whiting

A wife and mother seeking to serve Jesus as part of His church.

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